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Marriage, Family, Individual Therapy

and Pastoral Counseling in Wenatchee

Want more clarity on what to do with your life,

and where your passions lie? 


Looking for more balance,

less doubt, stress, and anxiety,

better relationship or career?

Cheryl Short Counselor Therapist Pastoral Family Marriage Individual Wenatchee WA

Therapy and Counseling Solutions Work

Not sure how to live in the present when the past and the future pull at you?


It’s tough to go through each day with anxiety and doubt that depletes energy and stops you from achieving your goals and enjoying the present moment. 


Deep in your heart's wisdom you know it is time to seek a new way to release tension. You know that without getting help, what you want changed may not change.

Are you ready for a change?

If something inside is saying YES,

give me a call.

I have 30+ years of experience helping clients improve relationships, heal through grief, tame stress,  release the effects of second hand trauma.   I will coach you in finding solutions that can work.  


It may feel scary right now to think about revealing your innermost thoughts, feelings and behaviors but you’ll find in me a trusted, empathic, compassionate sojourner to help you find healing.


Imagine what it would be like to finally feel peace and balance, letting the storms go by without getting sucked in and living in the moment fully present.


Even this first step can be a transforming moment towards healing.  


Find out more

Take the first step today


You deserve to do this for yourself.

I can help you find the inner strengths and guidance to know for certain what you need to do next.


My counseling style provides the tools to "go inside" yourself, excavate your hidden truths, explore your own knowledge, and recover your expertise and hearts' own wisdom.


With conventional approaches and other therapeutic modalities, including energy psychology, you'll be able to rebuild confidence and restore resilience.

Counseling & Consultation Services

  • communication

  • getting needs met

  • gain new insights

  • mutual respect

  • power struggles

  • healing betrayal

  • regaining trust

  • pattern recognition

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • muscle tension

  • apathy

  • loss of creativity

  • feeling like a failure

  • loss of energy

  • sleep disturbance

  • shock 

  • feeling paralyzed

  • living with loss

  • completing grief

  • non-death losses

  • silent sorrows

  • complicated grief

  • loving again

  • signs & symptoms

  • flashbacks

  • healing the healers

  • self-care priority

  • reducing overwhelm 

  • burnout recovery

  • setting boundaries

  • learning to say NO

Find out more about

counseling and consulting in Wenatchee

Take the first step to help today.

509 - 662 - 9526

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