About Cheryl

I am a Healing Specialist.  And here's the story of how I came to find my life's work through counseling in Wenatchee.


When I was in college I became interested in cultural anthropology as a major, because I wanted to know about other people and their cultures, how they lived and thought, and learn from them.

I wanted to know what they could offer me and others in new ways of “seeing the world”, acting and responding. How were our lives similar yet different?   And how could we learn from each other to create better, stronger and more full-filling lives, not just for ourselves but everyone else?

Once I was out of college, I took what appeared to be a detour, but really wasn’t. I began post graduate work in archeology and unbeknownst to me at that time I was actually excavating myself, hopes, desires of what I wanted as a vocation.

In my first “dig” I remember being in my pit about 10 meters down slowly troweling the dirt and my instructor came by, sat down with his feet dangling into my pit. That day as I slowly dug through the dirt bit by bit I shared with him my thoughts and interests, why people did what they did, world problems, world religions and many other topics. At this time I wasn’t discovering any artifacts and so it was easy to let my mind and heart wander over the present and not the past per say.

As I look back on that fine summers day I was beginning to excavate me, bit by bit, what made me “tick”  -- do the things I did.  I became fascinated with what made people tick and how their spiritual/religious understanding contributed to and was part of their lives. 

After a few other excavation excursions, I eventually found my way back to cultural anthropology in a new format, being present to people in their own life-culture, and through counseling, helping them solve their problems and find healing.

In so doing, I could help people heal themselves and find a sense of inner-peace, which reverberated out to others enriching their larger community of family, partner, colleagues etc. Their health rippled out to others.

I know my life journey and the many cultures I was a part of from my family of origin to religious upbringing, school etc. all influenced in shaping my life, from the good, bad and the ugly: affirmations, judgment’s, worry, blame and shame etc. Part of my journey has been to find healing in different modalities, for judgments etc., one of which was therapy.

While your life journey and its details have been different from mine, shaping who you are today, I can empathize with what you’re going through because I know what it feels like and takes to work through the bad, ugly and accept the goodness of myself.

In learning to help myself heal through anger, low self-esteem, anxiousness, overcome disabling attitudes, fears, accept and celebrate my unique self and all the goodness I hold and am, I found that it helped a lot to talk it through with an objective listener, to help me shift my perspective, to get out of my own way, to see and develop better, healthy attitudes, etc.

Most of all I had to be open to researching better options for myself, open to new ways of thinking and finding forgiveness as I could. Part of this journey was sometimes seeing where the old options / patterns came from which helped me let go and chose new paths.

Getting to this point has definitely been a winding road, exhilarating, painful and at times some pretty big potholes. My goal in my Wenatchee counseling practice is to help others grow and embrace their “own unique self” and I hope it helps you to know that I can definitely relate to your own journey with all its struggles and joys.


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)



  • MA: General Studies/Social Science/Psychology

  • M.DIV. : Theology/ Psychology/ Counseling

  • Post Graduate Study at Presbyterian Counseling Service/ Seattle Pacific University

  • Continuing Education:   on-going



  • Clinical Fellow AAMFT   (American Association of  Marriage Family Therapists)

  • Approved Supervisor  AAMFT

  • Psychotherapy Member,  ACPE  (Association for Clinical Pastoral Education)

  • Member, ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

  • Adjunct Instructor, Wenatchee Valley College



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