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I was trying to make a decision whether to go out of town or stay home for the weekend.  I had two messages, one from my brain and one from my heart.  My brain said "go, you must go", and my heart kept saying "no, stay home, rest and take care of yourself".  I had been out of town a lot and quite frankly was tired.  There was this "tug of war" between my brain and heart and the brain seemed to be louder than my heart.  Then I read an article by Amaya Pryce titled "the Power of Waiting (when you don't know what to do") in which she talked of waiting and listening.  This was a good reminder to wait and listen, wait and listen for that "deep sense of inner knowing" as she said.  This inner knowing is your intuition that comes from the heart.  Only when you slow down and l...

What is an affirmation? Short sayings that speak to your spirit!

What do affirmations do?????

* Inspire you

* Help you change your attitude from negative to positive or at least neutral

* Help you see a different point of view; a different perspective

How many do you need????

Many, many, many!  That way you can chose the one/s that fit best for the day or the hour!

Affirmation for the day: 

There is no one like me, I am it,

I am free to be me and contribute in my own unique way!

Bit off more than you could chew?

Join the club that happens to us now and again, but unlike this friend of ours the cow we don't sit down and chew our cud and contemplate what to do. 

Most likely we are feeling anxious, out-of-sorts and worried, kind of like our friend the lioness here:

When we get to this point we feel stuck and Overwhelmed.  Here are some ideas to help you "unstick yourself".

Get a pad and pencil or use your computer.

Write down everything that you are overwhelmed about (at this point it might be everything, that is fine, write it all down).

Take a break......whatever you want to help clear your head! Meditate, run, do yoga, clean etc.

Go back and look at what you wrote, add any details to the situations that you are overwhelmed about, get very detailed it...

Changing directions in life can be scary/unnerving...yet I find that the changes help me grow and expand, in fact, if I didn't change direction in small, medium, or large ways I would miss opportunities in life, especially the opportunity to understand "me", what makes me tick, what is important to me. 

There are so many pluses for allowing yourself to change direction for the better, two major ones are: 1) you will be happier and 2) those around you will feel that and perhaps help them make changes they need to.  So, before you say know to changing directions, see if it really is something you would like to do.

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