Are You Currently Taking New Clients?


Yes, counseling  and therapy appointments are available on Monday through  Thursday, and occasionally  on  Friday between 9 & 5.

How Much Do Sessions Cost and Do You Offer a Sliding Scale?


The out of pocket fee for my services is $125 per session.  I can accept cash and personal checks. Because of my contracts with insurance companies, I cannot offer a sliding scale. 

Can You Bill My Insurance?


Your insurance will be billed approximately after six counseling sessions or less. Co-pays and co-insurance will be collected from you at each session.  If you have a diagnosable problem that is covered by your insurance plan, and if I am on the panel for your insurance company, I will file your claim for you.

You will be financially obligated to pay me any co-insurance or co-pays, or payments prior to meeting your deductible as outlined by your plan, as well late cancellation fees and missed session fees.


There are numerous insurances I can accept for mental health counseling or therapy, including Premera Blue Cross / 1st Choice.  It is always a good idea to check with your Insurance to make sure I am provider, and to see what your co-pay is.



What about Using My EAP Benefits?


Yes, I am on several Employee Assistance Program panels.  If your workplace offers a EAP benefits, check with your EAP manager to see if I am listed.



What if My Check Bounces?

Counseling appointments will not be held when you owe for past sessions. If your check bounces, I will notify you immediately, and you are expected to pay for that session before the next scheduled appointment.  I can take replacement payment in the form of cash,  or another check  if the funds are in your bank and have been replenished once we have talked. You will also be charged your bank's bounced check fee.


Frequently Asked Questions

about Therapy and Counseling


How to Make an Appointment:

Contact me via an email in the drop down at the top of the page that says "contact" and we will set up a time to visit on the phone or call my office number at 509-662-9526, be sure to leave a message if I am not available and I will contact you that day or the next business
day.  If you call on a weekend, a holiday, or a time when I am out of the office, please leave a message and I will get back to you on the next business day.  Business days are
Monday through Friday.  If you leave a message be sure to leave your phone number and a time I can reach you.
Our phone visit will entail talking over what you would like to work on, payment options, and any questions you may have.  During our conversation if what you want to work on is not within my scope of practice I will gladly give you referrals to those who can be of assistance.

What if I Have to Reschedule or Forget an Appointment?


I require clients to give at least 24 hours’ notice when they have to reschedule, except in situations of contagious illness, a medical emergency or weather.  Appointments can be rescheduled by phone.  You are financially responsible for missed counseling sessions.


Are Email Communications Confidential?

I use Hushmail so that your contact is completely confidential.  This means that any information that is shared between us stays there, no one else can get into it because it is encrypted.

How can I get the most from my counseling sessions ?

Are Sessions Confidential?

I never discuss my work with clients with friends, family, or casual social acquaintances and your identity and the details you disclose in our sessions are held as a sacred trust to the extent allowed and required by law and your insurance company.  As a mandated reporter, I am required to disclose any plans to harm others or yourself, and may be required to report any knowledge of felonies you have committed for which you were not charged.

Additionally, if you use an insurance plan to pay for your sessions, I may be required to provide them with notes about our sessions as a condition of their payment or reimbursement.

I am well trained and experienced to help you find the path to a new you, a new life.  But I'm only half the equation.  Change takes time, effort, and patience, and there are some basic and necessary conditions for making the changes you want in the most efficient way possible. 

  • participate fully

  • arrive on time

  • keep weekly appointments

  • have realistic expectations

  • look at what makes you squirm

  • change behaviors

  • try out new beliefs

  • explore how you think

  • trust the process

  • keep track of observations

  • ask questions

  • practice between sessions


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