Grief and Sorrow



Feeling sad, alone, disheartened, confused, angry, discombobulated, worried, stressed, tense because you feel a loss of………

• An important person in your life either through     death, a move, divorce, separation etc.

• Friends due to a geographical move

• Goals not being met

• A pet through death, lost, or another reason

• What you expected didn’t come through, ex: failed a test, poor grade etc.

• Familiar places, people due to a move

• You feel a loss due to transitions; ex. Children leaving the home, graduating from school etc.

• Work due to retirement; what do I do now?, or other losses due to work.

• And other griefs


Grief is a natural part of life, it is letting go of a person, place or thing without losing your memories.


Letting go often takes place on a daily basis, from little things like expectations to larger things, grief over a grade, a move, loss of a pet, or an important person in your life.


Sometimes you can get stuck in the process with depression, anger, etc., and need help to flow with and move through grief.  


If you find yourself feeling stuck, or scared or you want to know you are normal in this process give me a call.  You’ll find in me a trusted, empathic, compassionate sojourner as you journey through grief to find and experience healing.


I understand grief and can
walk with you as you 
move through your grief.


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Sorrow can be lifted.

I can help.

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