Professional Helpers


Wonder if you have compassion fatigue
or vicarious trauma

or want to know how to avoid it?


Feeling like you've taken on

your clients' helplessness, 

hopelessness, grief, muscle tension?


If so it is good awareness and perhaps time to take care of you.


As professionals, second-hand trauma can creep up on you and bite you before you know it. Being aware and taking care of you is the first line of defense. 


However, if you get caught with second hand trauma, it is not too late.  You can work through it, find balance and your center again and feel the compassion flow through you energizing and lighting your life. You can feel full-filled in your chosen vocation again.


Compassion fatigue functions on an equal opportunity basis,  affecting all professionals who work in human services -- fire people, nurses, doctors, pastors, teachers, and more.

If you would like tools to avoid

burn-out from compassion fatigue,  

or need help with compassion fatigue 

give me a call. 

509 - 662 - 9526

I can help

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