Can’t live with them and can’t live without them -- ever hear that statement?


Are you feeling that way with a partner / spouse? With a parent; grandparent, sibling, child / children?  With co-worker, boss / supervisor?   With friends or with some other kind of relationships?


If you are, you are not alone in this department.  It is part of being human, needing, wanting, appreciating, and delighting in having relationships in your life and at the same time having a hard time having them.


You Can Improve Your Relationships


In counseling, you can learn to work out the bugs in your relationships, in order to weather the ups and downs and strengthen the ties that bind you.


In all relationships we create patterns of interacting with each other on a verbal and nonverbal level.  Some of these ways of interacting are wonderfully helpful, leaving us feeling good and happy. Other interactions leave us feeling…..well not so good. The patterns that are helpful we need to keep. But those that are not so helpful, it is time to let them go.


Where do these patterns come from, the good, bad and the ugly?

• Your birth family -- where we first learn to interact

• Extended family members

• Friends

• Mentors

• TV/Movies… yes TV and Movies

• Video games….yes, video games

• Co-workers and Supervisors

• Teachers

• Other places  and people


We are like sponges and we learn to interact from those around us and those from afar. Time to let go of outdated, unhealthy, confusing, stressful and tense patterns of interaction?


In our counseling sessions, I will help you recognize what patterns are working, build on that and help you create and establish healthier patterns.  When one person begins to change and feel better the whole system, couples / families / workplace, etc, experiences the change. So whether you come alone or with your partner or family,  your relationships can have a chance to change for the better for everyone.

Are you ready?  


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