Bit off more than you could chew?

Join the club that happens to us now and again, but unlike this friend of ours the cow we don't sit down and chew our cud and contemplate what to do.

Most likely we are feeling anxious, out-of-sorts and worried, kind of like our friend the lioness here:

When we get to this point we feel stuck and Overwhelmed. Here are some ideas to help you "unstick yourself".

Get a pad and pencil or use your computer.

Write down everything that you are overwhelmed about (at this point it might be everything, that is fine, write it all down).

Take a break......whatever you want to help clear your head! Meditate, run, do yoga, clean etc.

Go back and look at what you wrote, add any details to the situations that you are overwhelmed about, get very detailed it helps!

Take a break............

Go back and look again at each situation and write down what is in your control, leave the rest.

Begin with the easiest situation, look at what is in your control and problem solve it, you may need to do this several times but that is ok....fine tuning is our friend.

Once you have solved it, Congratulate yourself, affirm your accomplishment, this puts it into your long term memory banks which helps you feel confident and you can problem solve again.

Looking at what is overwhelming gives us back our power to solve what is in our control, leading to less or no anxiety, and a "can do attitude".