Listening to Intuition

I was trying to make a decision whether to go out of town or stay home for the weekend. I had two messages, one from my brain and one from my heart. My brain said "go, you must go", and my heart kept saying "no, stay home, rest and take care of yourself". I had been out of town a lot and quite frankly was tired. There was this "tug of war" between my brain and heart and the brain seemed to be louder than my heart. Then I read an article by Amaya Pryce titled "the Power of Waiting (when you don't know what to do") in which she talked of waiting and listening. This was a good reminder to wait and listen, wait and listen for that "deep sense of inner knowing" as she said. This inner knowing is your intuition that comes from the heart. Only when you slow down and listen can you hear. So I quieted my brain and listened, even before I listened, I knew in my heart what the answer would be, but listening, quietly listening, confirmed it. I stayed home and allowed myself to rest.

Our brain is important to listen to but often it can drown out our intuition which is just as important and some times more important than the brain. So "wait and listen" to "hear" what is the most important message. Your intuition is like the waves, always washing over and through you......listen and you will hear.